Colourisation Project

Very old childhood picture taken at Butlins, probably Bognor Regis because I have frequent fond memories of that particular Butlins.

So the players involved are myself, my Mother and for a period of time, my Father, Snowy (Bernard) Mayhew. Snowy wasn't really my Father, but for reasons I don't understand he married my Mother before my memory began. I have always felt a fondness towards him and the photos from the time with him involved show someone who seemed to hold and cuddle me lots.


He disappeared from my life when I was six. My brother Russell, was his real son but strangely there are few photos of the two together. Mother was (and I loved her) hard work so I understand why Snowy disappeared to find a new life and a new wife.


What I find strange is the affection he showed me, he had 4 other children from another wife but for a period of time he was my Dad. And then I was told to stop calling him Dad. And Of course I did what my Mum told me, because I lived with her.


This picture is taken at Butlins, as said and I want to bring the life and the colour back to it.